5 Crazy Moms Found at Every Elementary School


I have been a mom for almost 15 years now (yikes!)  Needless to say, I have spent my fair share of time with moms.  Don’t get me wrong, my very best friends are moms, I love them.  Over the years I have noticed no matter where I live there are always certain kinds of moms.

  1. Wears Pajamas to School Mom-This mom is always in her pajamas.  Day after day, she brings her child to school in whatever she wore to bed (or at least it looks like it.)  Her sloppy flannel pants, big baggy t-shirt, and messy ponytail follow her everywhere.
  2. Super Tiny Short Shorts Mom-Her favorite outfit always highlights her super tiny short shorts.  Either she has the body or she doesn’t this mom doesn’t care because she wears her short shorts come rain or come shine.  Best friends with tiny tank top, big fake boobs mom.
  3. Hippie Granola Mom-Wears long flowing skirts, has extra long (or sometimes extra short) hair.  Child is usually named Rain, Flower, or Harmony.  Packs child’s lunch in organic tote bag.  Said lunch consists of leftover vegan curry and water in reusable stainless steel bottle.
  4. Constantly Volunteering Mom-This mom may actually live at the school.  Every time you go (even for random trip to drop of child’s forgotten lunch) she is rushing somewhere on campus.  You’ll find her changing the bulletin board, grading papers, or manning the PTA booth.
  5. Perfectionist Mom-Shows up to pick up and drop off in sparkling clean car, with full makeup, perfectly coordinated outfit, fresh manicure while toting designer bag.  Child’s name is embroidered on its Pottery Barn backpack and matching lunch box.  Has children scheduled for daily enriching activities year-round (like viola lessons, intermediate Mandarin, and competitive tennis.)

 I’m certainly not judging, just making observations.  Personally I see myself in all these moms, I can describe myself using bits and pieces of all of them.  I seek the comfort of the pajama and shorts moms.  I strive to feed my kids healthy lunches.  I volunteer as often as I can, the schools need it.  And I wish I had the discipline (and money) to be perfectionist mom.  We all have a common goal, we want the best for our children.