8 practically free Halloween costumes


Every Halloween my kids are drawn to the brightly colored, exciting costumes featured in every store from Walgreens to Costco.  They’re shiny, sparkly, beautifully packaged, and strategically placed.  The costumes look really fun, but even the very cheapest ones cost at least $10.  That’s not a ton of money, but if you have more than one child and/or your child wants all the accessories that are sold to accompany the costume, the price skyrockets.

We have 5 kids, and by the time Halloween rolls around, I’m already fretting about how I’m going to pay for Christmas presents.  I really don’t like spending money on Halloween costumes.  Making your own costume from a pattern, and having to buy all the fabric at a craft store is NOT economical.  Plus, I’m not the best at sewing.  If you buy costumes, you end up spending a ton of money, and the kids forget about them come November 1.

My favorite way to do Halloween is to make costumes from items we have at home.  My kids and I brainstorm ideas, and they love helping come up with creative ways to make fun, inexpensive Halloween costumes.  Would I like to buy the $60 Pottery Barn costumes, YES!!!  Can I afford to do that?  Unfortunately not.  But I don’t feel sorry for myself.  My kids and I make memories putting these costumes together and that is priceless.

Here are 8 practically free Halloween costumes you can put together in less than 10 minutes:

Kitty Cat

-black tights/leggings

-black leotard/shirt

-headband with felt or construction paper ears glued on

-paint whiskers with black eye liner



-white or gray or brown tights/leggings/sweats

-white or gray or brown leotard/shirt/sweatshirt

-headband with big felt ears

-paint pink nose with lipstick


Drill sergeant

-brown cargo pants

-camo shirt

-dog tag?



cargo shorts or skinny jeans

skate t-shirt

make hair into mohawk or wear skate brand ball cap


Soccer player/baseball-softball player/football player

-whatever sport your child participates in


Surfer dude

swim trunks/rash guard (or tank top)

make hair messy (or slick back with lots of gel to look wet)





Nature guide

hiking hat

hiking shorts/button up shirt (rolled up sleeves)

carry a backpack