Hiking, ugh!


My husband would love to consider himself an outdoorsman. He loves being up in the mountains, hiking through nature, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, etc. I, on the other had, feel that a motel (where all the door open to the outside and you have a great view of the parking lot) is roughing it. He […]

Handstand Contest


The kids had been making me crazy at home. If one more child ran to me and said, “Mom he/she won’t let me play the video game/board game/Legos I was going to scream at them all. Instead of banishing them to our tiny backyard while I hid in my room reading a book and eating […]

Independent thinker


My 19 month old has a dresser full of adorable outfits. She also has an independent spirit. She likes to choose her own outfits. So, one morning she brings me her favorite onesie. It’s a size 12 months, way too small, but it’s her favorite. It’s got small navy blue and white stripes, and originally […]

Gateway to taking a bath


She’s slowly overcoming her fears. Balloons, balls, and bubbles are fine now. And finally, baths are ok. This picture was taken one afternoon when I was trying to make dinner. She just wanted to be held, but I couldn’t hold her while cooking. She’s heavy! So I sat her on the edge of the sink and […]

She likes cupcakes like her mom


The baby loves cupcakes about as much as I do. “Ca cake, ca cake” she’ll yell at me until I share. We were at our cousin’s birthday party and the first thing she zeroed in on was the cupcakes. Yes, she was wearing a brand new outfit. Was I worried about her spilling blue frosting […]