Corona Del Mar tide pools


After a week of hanging out and accomplishing tasks at home, I thought I would be a good mom and take my kids to the tide pools in Corona Del Mar. I was not met with the cheers of joy I had anticipated. “Hey guys, everybody get up and get dressed, we’re going to see the tide pools!” I announced about 7:15 am. All I got back was replies like, “No Mom, I just want to sleep,” and “That sounds SO boring!” What is wrong with these kids?! I was providing them with a morning out of the house, at the beach, exploring nature. I would have LOVED that kind of thing as a kid.

As an adult I know how much work goes into getting everyone dressed, snacks and water bottles packed, making sure there’s gas in the car, does everyone have sunscreen on, etc. Having adventures is exhausting, why don’t they appreciate this?! But I persevered. “Come on guys, it’s going to be so fun!” We were out the door by 8 am, because I had read that you have to be there before the tide comes in and covers all the little critters in water.

We made the 20 minute drive down to Corona Del Mar, and found a parking spot easily (thank goodness it wasn’t a weekend!) As we got out of the car, the kids were like, “WHOA! This is awesome!” I just smiled. We hiked down the hill and the kids were so excited to climb on the rocks. We saw sea anemones, little fish, lots of lobster tails (who knows where the rest of the lobster went), an abundance of hermit crabs, and a bunch of sea life we couldn’t identify. We spent an hour exploring until the tide started to come in, and by then everyone was getting hungry anyway. On the hike back up the hill to the car, all the kids were talking about how much fun they had. Thanks guys, sometimes I know what I’m doing :)