Drinking from kid cups-is this really my life?


Once upon a time I had dreams that as an adult I would be sophisticated.  I would wear sleek outfits, have my hair cut in expensive salons, and drive an expensive car.  Considering I have 5 kids, and we live on one income so my clothes are far from fancy.  I let my hair grow long because I can’t afford salon hair cuts.  My car is actually kind of expensive because my husband likes to splurge on our cars.  BUT it is full of grass and crumbs, and most people would not consider a Honda Pilot sophisticated (even if it costs as much as a Mercedes sedan.)  I would not call myself sophisticated, but this afternoon just put it all into focus a little to clearly.

I was running late for a PTA meeting (that I was supposed to be running because I foolishly volunteered to be in charge of the winter carnival.)  Having not eaten lunch, I decided to compensate by making myself a quick iced chai latte.  (Super easy, add ice to cup, pour in almond milk, pour in decaf Tazo chai concentrate and stir.) I open the cabinet to look for my trusty reusable Starbucks cold cup and remember that I had to dispose of my beloved cup last week.  My three year old had dropped it one too many times, so the lid and cup were cracked in multiple places.  Not to mention the straw had been nibbled practically closed.

Unable to trust myself with a lidless cup, I had to use the only cup with a lid in the house (that wasn’t a sippy cup-I do have a little pride.)  I reached into the cabinet and grabbed my 8 year old’s Lightening McQueen cup.  It sat proudly mocking me during the entire meeting, but gosh my chai latte was good.