First Farm Fresh to You delivery


Our first Farm Fresh to You delivery came tonight! It’s kind of goofy how excited I was to get my delivery of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. I was browsing through Groupon the other day, and came across a deal for this company. They deliver fresh locally grown organic fruits and veggies to your door.

It’s a CSA (community supported agriculture) group that brings together the products from local farmers and delivers it to your home or business (in parts of Southern and Northern California.) You choose whether you want all fruit, all veggies, no-cook, snack pack, etc. in all different sizes to accommodate your home or office. It’s reasonably priced too, honestly it’s equivalent to grocery store prices. My regular sized box full of fruits and veggies (about the size of a ream of paper) was $31. I’m actually upping my order to a larger box next week (I’ve got a lot of kids).

I try to keep my grocery budget to about $150 a week, and spending less than 1/3 of it on fruits and veggies is totally do-able! When we opened our box tonight, my kids were as excited as me. They immediately asked me to peel a carrot for them. They were totally distracted from their cries for ice cream by a fruit and veggie delivery! My youngest son even said, “Mom, can you thank the farmer for me, this is awesome!” I love this convenient, healthy service, thanks Farm Fresh to You!