Happy National Donut Day!


Happy National Donut Day! Of COURSE we’re celebrating at our house. My husband and I got up this morning and went to The Donuttery for donuts. They actually had a buy 1 get 1 free promotion today, score! There is usually a line at our favorite donut shop but today it stretched out into the parking lot. Did that stop me? No way! I’m not scared away by a line, I love Disneyland for goodness sakes.

It only took about 10 minutes to get my donuts, and they were amazing. The Donuttery makes the softest raised donuts you will ever eat, they put everyone else to shame. I’ve been eating Krispy Kreme since I was little when we’d go visit my grandparents in Alabama, and a hot glazed is really delicious. BUT, these donuts are all fabulous. Dunkin Donuts? No way in a million years! Who wants a donut that was previously frozen? Blah! This box of donuts won’t last long in my house, but that’s ok. I ate 2 on the way home.