I’ll admit it, we eat in the car


I am an absolute proponent of eating dinner at the table as a family. We manage this several nights a week. The rest of the days are divided between eating in small groups at the table and eating in the car on the way to a child’s extracurricular activity. Does this bother me? Meh. Not really. Would it have bothered me 3 kids ago? Probably.

Life is all about balance. I can’t get all bent out of shape that we can’t all eat dinner together when a lot of the time I’m the one who insists on signing the kids up for all these activities (except Boy Scouts-that’s entirely my husband’s doing.) Monday night the younger girls and I ate in the car, Tuesday night we ate together at the table, Wednesday night the younger girls and I ate in the car again. I have no idea what I’m doing about food tonight. Oldest son has a water polo match, youngest son has soccer and Cub Scouts (some ceremony that we hall have to attend.) We may have just enough time to sit down for a quick meal together.

Who says family dinners have to last hours? Kids get bored and start squirming after 15 minutes anyway. It’s quality not quantity people. As for eating in the car, I don’t see much wrong with it (other than obvious choking possibilities and the reality that my car will be covered in food.) I call it a win. I didn’t fill the kids with fast food, I cooked a nutritious meal (roasted sweet potatoes and chicken.) We’ll take our meals where and when we can get them.