Roasted Vegetable Salsa


When I went to buy tomatoes to plant in my garden this past summer, the only organic ones I could find were little yellow ones. I love the little red ones, so I thought, “Why not?” My garden produced a bunch of these little yellow tomatoes, and one can only eat so many salads packed […]

Corn, Black Bean, Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing


When corn is in season, it is plentiful and inexpensive in the grocery store. I love to grill it or boil it to eat it on the cob, but it’s also fun to do something different once in awhile. I love this corn, black bean, tomato salad with honey lime dressing. The dressing is also […]

Pineapple Chicken Tacos


When my family goes to the beach for the afternoon, I like to make sure I have something in the Crock Pot for dinner when we get home. The urge to stop for fast food is super strong when I’m exhausted and starving and the kids are whining about how sandy they are. That being […]

Classic California Guacamole


Chips and dip is a favorite snack around my house. Living in California, we have access to great avocados at a low price. Sometimes I add extra veggies like tiny diced red onion, and green and red bell peppers, but it’s so tasty just like this. Try to find avocados that give a little when […]

Fresh salsa


What’s my favorite thing to make when tomatoes are cheap? Fresh, homemade salsa! I just can’t seem to keep my big knife sharp, so I like to chop all the veggies in my Cuisinart food processor. This recipe is so versatile! I just use whatever organic tomatoes are on sale, or if I’m really lucky, […]