Super Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

Snickerdoodle Cookies

    Snickerdoodle cookies are a favorite in our house.  The name makes me cringe a little, “snickerdoodle” sounds like some strange dog mix.  Fortunately, these cinnamon flavored sugar cookies are delicious and my entire family devours them.  The ingredients are ones I usually have in my pantry, with the exception of cream of tartar. […]

Parker House Rolls

Parker House Rolls

Mmmmm, warm bread.  As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m currently avoiding carbs, so the desire for bread is even stronger than usual (is that even possible?!)  I have a basic white bread recipe that gets me through a variety of items, like cinnamon rolls, bread bowls, and yes, white bread.  It happens to be […]

Pumpkin Bread


Moist and delicious, this pumpkin bread is incredible!  You could totally substitute the sour cream for Greek yogurt for added protein and reduced calories.  It also makes great muffins, about 24 with a batch this size.  I love to make a ton, then freeze them and put them in my kids’ lunches for a healthy […]

Toasted Coconut Rice Pudding


Rice pudding is not something I grew up with. I tried it for the first time at my friend’s grandma’s little cafe. I love the traditional Mexican version with cinnamon, but I was out of cinnamon since I used the last of it on my Easter cinnamon rolls, and decided to try something new. I […]

Summer Blueberry Pancakes


Pancakes are a family favorite in our house. Fresh blueberries go on sale in the grocery store, and I love to pack them into all kinds of foods. One of my go-to recipes is blueberry pancakes. I’ll make them for a weekend breakfast, but one of my kids favorite meals is to have pancakes for […]

Cheesy Beef Empanadas


I grew up in the middle of Oklahoma, so you think I’d have been raised on chicken fried steak and chili. Well, we had those meals on occasion, but my parents were from other places. My dad is from the South, and apparently his mother cooked elaborate 5 course meals nightly. My mom had notions […]

Peppermint Swirl Cookies


Baking cookies for Christmas is something I do every year. I give them to neighbors, friends, teachers, bus drivers, postal workers and on and on and on. Most of all, my family loves to eat them. These are basically sugar cookies with a hint of peppermint and food coloring. They mix up quickly, but take […]

Mini Burger Buns


My family loves burgers. Whenever I do my grocery shopping, I always feel like when I buy hamburger buns, they’ll be stale by the time I’m ready to make the burgers. When I make my own burger buns, I control what goes into them and it assures they won’t be stale. Plus, they’re so easy […]