Chocolate Cake with Berries & Whipped Cream

choc cake whip cream berries1

Please don’t be intimidated by homemade cake, this one is actually SO simple. This is my absolute FAVORITE chocolate cake recipe. It’s dense but so moist, and it has the most intense chocolate flavor without being too heavy. We had friends coming over to dinner, and they like to eat healthy food. Like organic almond milk and flax seed kind of healthy food. I happened to want cake for dessert, so I decided to “trick” my friends into eating my delicious cake. Whipped cream and fresh berries are delicious (it’s just not quite the same as buttercream frosting!)

Easy Homemade Flour Tortillas


I have tried several times over the years to make my own flour tortillas. They usually turned out too tough and thick. We recently went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that makes its own tortillas in house. They were so amazing, it inspired me to try again. I did a little Internet research, […]

Buttery Parmesan Popcorn


I recently read an article that stated the majority of the corn grown in the USA may be GMO. YIKES! That’s just one of the reasons I like to pop my own popcorn from organic popcorn kernels in non-GMO certified vegetable oil. While organic is more expensive, it’s really not THAT more expensive (at least […]

Mini Burger Buns


My family loves burgers. Whenever I do my grocery shopping, I always feel like when I buy hamburger buns, they’ll be stale by the time I’m ready to make the burgers. When I make my own burger buns, I control what goes into them and it assures they won’t be stale. Plus, they’re so easy […]