Fresh Green Beans with Basil and Garlic


Our family lives in the middle of the city, our backyard is far from large, but we have an organic garden. I will say this now, I am not a gardener. Most days I forget we have one. Fortunately my husband knows what he’s doing (I think.) Last night my youngest son asked me if […]

Peppermint Swirl Cookies


Baking cookies for Christmas is something I do every year. I give them to neighbors, friends, teachers, bus drivers, postal workers and on and on and on. Most of all, my family loves to eat them. These are basically sugar cookies with a hint of peppermint and food coloring. They mix up quickly, but take […]

Mango lemonade


Whole Foods had these huge gorgeous mangos on sale for $1 each the other day. I also had some lemons from my neighbor’s tree. I thought a delicious drink to go with our meal that night would be mango lemonade. Sweet and tart? Yes please! This would also be amazingly easy to turn into an […]