Last day of school


In a way, I can’t believe the last day of school finally came. Day after day of driving and homework and activities took it’s toll. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I’m the one able to take my kids to all their stuff and be present in their lives. But DANG it’s exhausting. I’m ready for summer basically because that means I can sleep in (a little bit). Ok, at least I’ll have the baby waking me up instead of the alarm on my phone.

I gleefully turned that alert off immediately. With 4 kids at 3 different schools I did a lot of driving. Even though all of their schools and activities are relatively close, we’re very fortunate that way, Abby and I still spent a lot of time in the car. Next school year, they’ll be at 2 schools. I’m really looking forward to that. This is our first year in a school district that ends school in June. I have to say, this is really throwing off my summer. I’m used to them getting out in May so we have June as a part of summer. Now June is almost over. I haven’t planned for 4th of July and we need to figure out some sort of cheap vacation.

We live in a beach town, it would be nice to escape the throngs tourists, however briefly it will have to be. I’m giving myself until Sunday to enjoy not having a schedule. Monday starts Junior Guards, swimming lessons, baseball, softball, and of course soccer continues. We will definitely stay busy, but at least we get to stay up late and sleep in a little.