Mini Cheesy Turkey Meatball Sliders


I make meatballs all the time, several times a month. They’re a great way to stretch a pound of ground meat. You can change up the ingredients and have a totally different tasting meal. And my kids love them. I saw the cutest little slider buns at the grocery store on Sunday and my kids […]

Breakfast Puffs


These have been a favorite in my family since before I was born. My grandmother used to make them for her kids. Since my aunts and uncle loved them so much, we always had breakfast puffs for breakfast when we got together. The original recipe called for shortening, but I never have that so I […]

Hiking, ugh!


My husband would love to consider himself an outdoorsman. He loves being up in the mountains, hiking through nature, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, etc. I, on the other had, feel that a motel (where all the door open to the outside and you have a great view of the parking lot) is roughing it. He […]

Handstand Contest


The kids had been making me crazy at home. If one more child ran to me and said, “Mom he/she won’t let me play the video game/board game/Legos I was going to scream at them all. Instead of banishing them to our tiny backyard while I hid in my room reading a book and eating […]

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Bake


I love pizza more than most people. I could probably eat it everyday. Last Friday I had planned on making pizza for dinner. But when I went to the cabinets to pull out the ingredients to make the pizza dough, I only had one packet of yeast. I wanted to give up and just go […]

Independent thinker


My 19 month old has a dresser full of adorable outfits. She also has an independent spirit. She likes to choose her own outfits. So, one morning she brings me her favorite onesie. It’s a size 12 months, way too small, but it’s her favorite. It’s got small navy blue and white stripes, and originally […]

Gateway to taking a bath


She’s slowly overcoming her fears. Balloons, balls, and bubbles are fine now. And finally, baths are ok. This picture was taken one afternoon when I was trying to make dinner. She just wanted to be held, but I couldn’t hold her while cooking. She’s heavy! So I sat her on the edge of the sink and […]

She likes cupcakes like her mom


The baby loves cupcakes about as much as I do. “Ca cake, ca cake” she’ll yell at me until I share. We were at our cousin’s birthday party and the first thing she zeroed in on was the cupcakes. Yes, she was wearing a brand new outfit. Was I worried about her spilling blue frosting […]

Laundry Mountain


I love having clean laundry, lot’s of fresh towels, options for my kids to wear, my favorite black tee shirt clean, but I’m terrible about actually doing laundry. I’m actually a rockstar at putting it in the washing machine. Getting it to the dryer, folded, and put away are where I drop the ball. I […]