Roasted Sweet Potatoes


When I think of sweet potatoes I think of Thanksgiving.  In my family, we eat sweet potatoes year round.  I love to serve sweet potatoes several times a month.  Packed full of nutrients, sweet potatoes are a healthy side dish that my whole family loves.  It doesn’t get much easier than roasted sweet potatoes.  It’s […]

The Easiest Roast Chicken


I have always been afraid of chicken with bones.  Not because I’m afraid of choking, but because I just find them intimidating.  Boneless skinless chicken breast is what I usually buy, but they have been so expensive in the store recently.  Last week, my grocery store had bone-in chicken breast on sale for $.99 a […]

Pumpkin Bread


Moist and delicious, this pumpkin bread is incredible!  You could totally substitute the sour cream for Greek yogurt for added protein and reduced calories.  It also makes great muffins, about 24 with a batch this size.  I love to make a ton, then freeze them and put them in my kids’ lunches for a healthy […]

Albondigas Soup

Albondigas Soup

Once again I was on a quest to stretch a pound of ground beef and fill my kids with veggies.  This is basically the story of my life in the kitchen.  Well, that, and just one time I would like an oven that doesn’t burn the bottom of everything I bake while leaving the center […]

Belgian Sugar Waffles


There’s a new food truck in our area that makes “Liege style” waffles. Thinking this sounds delicious but not having enough money to spend $35 on waffles for my family, I went about researching how to make Belgian sugar waffles. I bought an adorable little stainless steel Hamilton Beach waffle maker from Amazon for $20.Why […]

Chewy M&M’s Cookies


Who doesn’t love candy M&M’s and cookies? When those two worlds collide, you have chewy M & M’s cookies. Why would you buy them at the store when they’re so easy to make at home. By the time you gather your kids, get in the car, drive to the store, find the cookies, wait in […]

Parmesan Mashed Potatoes


My family loves mashed potatoes. What’s not to love about fats and starches? The parmesan cheese and chicken broth adds a depth of flavor without adding a ton of calories. Feel free to switch up the potatoes with what you have in your pantry. This would be excellent with Yukon Gold or red skinned new […]

Super Fresh Super Food Salad


Yesterday was hot! It was over 95 degrees, ridiculous (it’s early April people.) So on the way home from my son’s soccer practice, I stopped by Whole Foods for supplies so I could throw together a refreshing salad. The sweet burst of cool watermelon, tangy mango, really offsets the creamy avocado and black beans. I […]

Cheap and Easy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce


We’re trying to clean out our pantry. I know the kids will always eat spaghetti, but I was out of jarred spaghetti sauce. Pretty much all the time (9.5 times out of 10) I use jarred spaghetti sauce. My favorites are Classico and Whole Food’s 365 label. Unfortunately I was out of my handy dandy […]