Work with Jessica

Jessica writes Pickles and Ranch for busy moms who want to feed their family well and live a fun and healthy life on a “real life” budget.  


 I am currently looking for a part-time position as a Virtual Assistant.  Ideally this would be to help another “mom blogger” while I’m learning the business.  I have experience with graphic design, social media management, operations management, Quick Books,  photography, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  Check out my Linkedin profile.

 I love to work with brands that are a good fit for both me and my readers.  I carefully consider each offer as to what I can provide for the company.  Please email me at to discuss opportunities.


Jessica is a mom of 5 kids living in super crazy expensive Huntington Beach, California (by way of Oklahoma and Arizona).  Staying organized with 5 kids is a constant work in progress, plus my kids want to eat every day (several times a day!), and I love to share the tips I’ve learned after 16 years of being a mom.  I have really expensive taste and no budget to support it, so I find creative ways to make it all work.  At Pickles and Ranch, our motto is “real life, real food, real fun”.


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